Research & Development

EATS can provide you with contract research and development activities, for the horticultural sector. Advice on horticultural cropping systems is coupled with research information, to increase returns to the grower, in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

Provision of advice on the development and implementation of on-farm trials and demonstrations can be provided, to ensure high quality results are achieved from research programs. Interpretation of results and data can be provided either as part of a research program or after completion of the trial or demonstration.

EATS can write proposals for research funding and grant applications, taking the hard work out of preparing submissions.

We can produce, update or edit good practice manuals and standard operating procedures for horticultural businesses, documenting on-farm processes for all members of your team.

EATS can provide a package horticultural consultancy service with on-farm visits, backed up with phone and email contact, to help resolve problems that are reducing farm profitability. Consultancy packages with different levels of service are available, allowing you to choose what best suits your business needs. Phone Rachel for more information regarding an on-farm consultancy service.

Contact EATS to help you achieve maximum yield, sustainable practices and effective solutions to your horticultural and agricultural problems.


EATS can

    • Work with you to solve on-farm problems.
    • Conduct on-farm research activities, either on contract or an on-going basis
    • Horticultural consultancy service packages
    • Prepare proposals for research funding and grants.
Commercial Producer Service Agricultural, Horticultural & Farming EATS can help you to meet regulatory requirements, through planned sampling programs for water and soil & contract research and development activities.
testing laboratory Reliable Laboratory Testing Service Agriciultural & Horticultural Testing Our testing lab is conveniently located in Bunbury; Unit 5, 4 Mummery Crescent Bunbury 6230.