EATS Laboratory - Environmental And Agricultural Testing

Based in the Bunbury region in the south west of Western Australia, EATS - Environmental and Agricultural Testing Services provides high quality sampling and analysis of agricultural soils, water and other important factors relating to plant growth and farming.

The principal of EATS is Rachel Lancaster, who has worked in the agriculture sector for 22 years, with a focus on vegetable crops. Rachel was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from the University of Western Australia in 1993 and also holds, since 2002, a Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness from Curtin University in Western Australia.

Rachel has a wide knowledge of horticulture production systems and is widely respected in the field. Rachel has skills in trial implementation and management as well as the analysis and interpretation of data and results. Rachel can provide a complete service from sampling all the way through to solution implementation and good practice for horticultural crops.

Rachel has conducted extensive research and development activities for the Western Australian vegetable industry, investigating plant nutrition, disease, insect and weed management and irrigation management. This has been done in conjunction with private and public sector partners.

EATS works with commercial clients throughout Western Australian, interstate and overseas and with domestic clients in the south west of Western Australia.

Contact EATS to help you achieve maximum yield, sustainable practices and effective solutions to your horticultural and agricultural problems.


EATS Service

  • EATS is ideally located to quickly respond to requests from commercial growers and homeowners.
  • EATS can provide high quality contract research, analysis and interpretation services for a range of horticultural and agricultural industries.
  • EATS allows you to concentrate on your farm business, by providing a reliable, high quality and confidential service to meet farm regulatory requirements.
Commercial Producer Service Agricultural, Horticultural & Farming EATS can help you to meet regulatory requirements, through planned sampling programs for water and soil & contract research and development activities.
testing laboratory Reliable Laboratory Testing Service Agriciultural & Horticultural Testing Our testing lab is conveniently located in Bunbury; Unit 5, 4 Mummery Crescent Bunbury 6230.